The Kitty Loop Detail at Friedrich Wilderness Park

October 05, 2018

The Kitty Loop Detail at Friedrich Wilderness Park


During our Bexar Tracks training, we have adapted the Kitty Loop to provide us with around 5.75 miles per loop with 500-600 ft of elevation.  This loop is very runnable and maximizes our efforts on varied terrain and less traveled trails.

In this post, I will provide specific details for our training group or anyone else that wants to ensure they don't get lost on the "Kitty Loop".  I'll call out a view specific points where you will need to pay attention and either look at the map or review your notes or this blog post.  I will also mention a couple of bailout points if you need to cut your run short.

If you are looking for a general overview and other trail running details at Friedrich Wilderness Park make sure to check out our previous Trail Running at Friedrich Wilderness Park blog post.

Kitty Loop Trail Running Route

          1. Begin the Kitty Loop at the trailhead of the Entry Trail which leads you down .15 miles of paved trail which will dead end at the Main Loop.
          2. At the Main Loop take a right to run a portion of the Main Loop counter-clockwise.  
          3. For the first .35 miles of the Main Loop you will be running on a steady incline until you hit the first major point to stop and pay attention (Pay Attention A on the image below).  About .5 mile into the run.
          4. At the first map you see, you will need to stop and take a hard left to remain on the Main Loop. Many people miss this intersection and continue straight passed the map onto Juniper Ridge. Do not get on Juniper Ridge. Take a hard left at the map.
          5. You will continue on the Main Loop for around .75 miles passing a couple of other trail entry points to your right. Do not turn onto Fern Dell or Upland Range. Continue on the Main Loop until you hit Vista Loop which should be around 1.2 miles into your run.
          6. BAILOUT POINT: At this point, you will have your first bailout option. If you do not want to continue out deeper into the park you can continue straight on the Main Loop and it will eventually put you back at the Entry Trail where you started.
          7. To continue on the Kitty Loop, take a right onto Vista Loop. (Pay Attention B on the image below)
          8. As soon as you are on Vista Loop, start looking for the entrance to Restoration Way on your right. After spending less than .25 miles on Vista Loop you will see a trail marker on your left to enter Restoration Way.
          9. Take a left to get on Restoration Way about 1.3 miles into the run. Once on Restoration Way, you will stay on Restoration Way for around 2.9 miles until you dead end at another section of Vista Loop.
          10. BAILOUT POINT:  At around mile 1.9 of your run you will reach your last bailout point. You will see a large trail map and have the option to continue to the left and stay on Restoration Way or take a right to cut across on Mill Pass. Taking Mill Pass will allow you to avoid around 1 mile of Restoration Way.
          11. To continue on the Kitty Loop, take a left and continue on Restoration Way. 
          12. You will stay on Restoration Way continuing past Mill Pass and Encino Trail trail entrances. 
          13. Shortly after the 4-mile mark on this run, you will dead end at Vista Loop. (Pay Attention C on the image below). At Vista Loop, you will need to take a right on Vista Loop to continue on the Kitty Loop.
          14. You will now be headed back towards where you originally entered Restoration Way. Stay on Vista Loop and continue past Restoration Way until you dead end back at the Main Loop.  You will now be backtracking and be back at Pay Attention B. (Pay Attention B on the image below)
          15. Take a left onto Main Loop and backtrack the same way you came up on the Main Loop all the way back to the Entry Trail.
          16. Where the Main Loop and the Entry Trail intersect there is a bench.  Take a left at the bench onto the paved Entry Trail which will put you back out at the Friedrich Wilderness Park trailhead.
          17. Refuel, go to the restroom and repeat as many times as needed.

Kitty Loop map detail

Kitty Loop route at Friedrich Wilderness Park



  • Click here to go to Strava and view the route details, elevation and download the GPX file to upload to your GPS.


We hope you enjoy the Kitty Loop as much as we do and please provide any feedback or comments in the section below.  If you have any additional questions or would like to run the Kitty Loop with our Bexar Tracks group please contact us via the website or send an email to info at sarunningco dot com.

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