Legions of Leonidas Onboarding

Welcome, and we look forward to working with you!   

We use a few tools that are free for you to use to help us streamline communication, answer any questions and schedule workouts.  If you have any questions or need help in using these tools or having your phone/watch sync with these services please let us know.

Please complete the Legions of Leonidas Questionnaire to provide us with some basic information to get us started.

Facebook Group:
We've created a private Facebook Group called Legions of Leonidas.  You should receive a Facebook "Friend" requests and invites for the Facebook Group. If you do not receive anything or have not joined please let me know.  You can also join the group via the button below.
if you have any questions, need any advice, have questions or need suggestions please feel free to post to the Facebook group!


Training Peaks:

We will be using Training Peaks to coordinate your weekly workouts for the training program.  If you have not used Training Peaks before please create a free account by clicking HERE .  
Once you have created an account or if you already have an account click HERE to attach Paul as your primary coach.
Training Peaks can sync with most watches and apps to make it very easy to upload your workout data for our review.  TrainingPeaks also syncs with Strava.
We will have several coaches involved in your training program but we'll manage them all from the individual Training Peaks.  We have resources available with expertise in trail running, ultra running, strength & conditioning, nutrition, race day nutrition and etc...
Strava is a social network for athletes.  You do not have to join Strava or publicly share your workouts if you do not wish to do so but I do highly recommend Strava so you can see what others are doing and we've created a Strava Club specifically for this training program which will provide you with a real-time leaderboard for the group.  Strava can definitely be motivational.
Sign up for Strava HERE.